Hemp Harvest Innovations Lipid Extraction System



Our lipid extraction systems use oil, such as olive oil or coconut oil to extract compounds from the hemp plant. Many hemp oil providers prefer to maintain the integrity of the plant in its natural state and its synergistic interactions known as the “entourage effect”.

While ethanol and CO2 extraction systems are able to isolate certain chemical compounds of the hemp plant, our lipid extraction system preserves compounds such as terpenes, and fatty acids that naturally occur in the plant.

With the ability to capture all of the terpenes and cannabinoids from the hemp plant, our system produces the highest quality full-spectrum hemp oil. We provide cannabinoid rich oils to meet your quality standards, free of chemical solvents,.

4 Column Lipid Extraction Capabilities

  • Ability to process 10 pounds of dry hemp plant material every 2 hours

  • Produces 16 liters of Full-Spectrum oil every 2 hours

  • Takes out 99%+ of the CBD in the plant

  • Can use any type of oil (MCT, Hemp, Olive, Cherry Seed oil, etc) for extraction

Why Buy?

Farmers - With Hemp Harvest Innovations Lipid Extraction System, farmers can process their own CBD oil to allow them to become vertically integrated and earn more from their crops.

Consumer Packaged Goods Companies - Rather than mixing CBD isolate into MCT or other oils to make tinctures, bath bombs, capsules and more, Companies can now directly extract full-spectrum oil straight from the plant. Save time and money by extracting 98%+ of all beneficial cannabinoids directly into ready-to-use hemp oil. 

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