Our proprietary methodology eliminates solvents, hydrocarbons, and high-pressure vessels making cannabinoid extraction faster, safer, and less expensive. With a continuous flow, we process more pounds of biomass per day than any other system on the market, in smaller facilities.


Our Mission

Our primary goal is to increase quality and throughput, while decreasing facility and employee costs by automating the extraction process.

Hemp Harvest Innovations has transformed the extraction process. Their revolutionary technology is less expensive, faster, and more efficient than any system I have seen on the market.
— Mike Leago, International Hemp Exchange

What We've Achieved

  • Fast extraction rates with high potency cannabinoids from wet or dry plant material

  • Continuous processing in a modular, mobile design

  • Scalable to commercial capacity with a smaller footprint

  • Less expensive than CO2 or ethanol

  • Concurrent decarboxylation saves time in processing

  • Spent biomass available for other uses

  • No high pressure equipment required

  • No flammable hydrocarbon solvents

  • Safer processing doesn’t require specialized facilities

  • No chlorophyll co-extraction

  • No onsite ethanol, LPG, or CO2 storage

  • No winterization required